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Pest Control - Fleas, Ticks, Grubs, Mosquitos

1) Fleas are in the yard. 
2) Fleas get on your dog. 
3) Fleas come in the house. 
4) Fleas bite the heck out of your ankles and legs. 
Let Dave's Pest Management  in Flower Mound, Texas, stop the chain at the first link.    

So let's try that again.

1) Fleas are in the yard.
2) Dave's comes and treats the yard. 
3) Fleas are
End of story.

     Fleas, ticks, flying insects like, ciccada killers and mosquitos, and burrowing insects, like grubs, can spell disaster for enjoying your yard and maintaining a healthy lawn, and guess what? Dave's has a solution for that too.   Dave's Lawn Treatments offer a full scope of protection for all of your insect problems.
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