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Year Long Fire Ant Control

    Dave's Annual Fire Ant Elimination is a year long,  one time application which erradicates fire ants from your yard.  No more worrying about fire ants while the kids play or you're weeding the garden. The product applied prevents fire ants from nesting by killing them when they attempt to penetrate the barrier.  Estimates are simple, quick and free. Our customers in South Lake, TX, helped kick off this pest control option and Dave's would simply like to say, Thank You.

Dave's Fire Ant Control Program is a very popular pest control option in South Lake, Texas.  Pest control in South Lake is big in general, but with the large yards and numerous children, South Lake has taken the largest interest in our fire ant elimination program. This one time application is an absolute solution for fire ants.  Thank you, South Lake, Texas, for taking interests in our fire ant elimination program.
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